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Mobile North specialises in responsive email marketing, delivering services à la carte or do-it-yourself solutions. Either way our aim is to grow your audience and ROI by focusing 100% on mobile device compatibility, whether it's for marketing email, newsletters, notifications, transactional email or landing pages.


47% on mobile

47% of emails are opened on mobile devices. What does your email look like?



People look at their phones an average of 150 times a day. What's your chance of being noticed?


80% delete

80% of all readers delete an email if it is difficult to read on their mobile phone. Cash or trash?


You have a landing page that is not mobile-friendly?

As a marketer you spare no effort to maximise the ROI of your email campaigns: customisation, call-to-action, profiling, A/B split tests, frequency, responsive programming… and yet your email's landing page is all too often overlooked.

The first impression after the click is just as important as that of your email. If your website is not adapted to mobile devices then 40% of your email marketing efforts are wasted.

You can solve this problem by creating a temporary responsive landing page (a one-pager) where the reader can get in touch or can find more details. If your landing page is already responsive, then you may have to adapt the content.

Mobile North has a to-the-point approach for maximum conversion, whereby the reader knows exactly what is expected from him. The emphasis is on graphic consistency, easy reading and compatibility with smartphones.

We offer services à la carte and do-it-yourself solutions

  • Consultancy
  • Campaign planning and follow-up
  • Content writing & translating
  • Responsive design and coding
    - Emails
    - Landing pages
  • Gmail sponsored promotions
  • Testing
    - Responsiveness
    - Spam test
  • List Management*
    - Segmentation, integration
    - Subscription form design and implementation
  • Email delivery*
    - Dynamic content
    - A/B testing of two separate newsletter executions
    - Automated email (auto-responders, planned date)
    - Website's RSS feed integration
  • Reporting*
    - Email campaign performance
    - Statistical behavior over time

* Depending on which platform is used for list management and email delivery

Reach your mobile audience

À la carte or do-it-yourself?


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  • Custom design and development
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  • Dedicated account management
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  • Service provider independent
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  • Template based email
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